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All Our Family's Prayers are Being Answered

Testimony by Vina...from Fiji

Romans 8:31 - What then shall we say to those things? IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? I am so, so grateful to the Lord in linking me to holy vessels in this end times. One such is Eli's Ministry. I got to know them through my sister when they visited Fiji earlier in the year. My prayer list included my health, house mortgage, job opportunities and travel documents. My extended family was also blessed by the group. Within two weeks of Eli’s Ministry praying for her, my younger sister got her NZ visa after numerous medical checks for 8 months. My health greatly improved as I got the clear to travel to Brisbane, AU where I am right now. Doors of opportunities have begun opening for other family members and there are some things in the pipeline that this good Lord is working on. I praise, exalt, and honor Him for He is not a man to lie. He will do what He has promised to my family. I also give God the honor and praise in using Eli's Ministry as a vessel of honor in this end times. I love their focus in directing souls back to the Lord thru 'healing' and am amazingly delighted with their submission to the Holy Spirit. Thank Sister Ercilia for always updating and encouraging us.

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