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Do you have a testimony that needs to be told? A story of healing, salvation or restoration?  A testimony of how God held you through a treacherous storm, and refused to let you go?


No matter how big or small, we all have a story of God's amazing grace.  And reading what God has done for others is refreshing and inspiring to us all.


Your praise report glorifies His name and God can use it to bless others.  Thank you for being a blessing by sharing your praise report.


*Terms & Conditions: In sharing my testimony to glorify God and encourage fellow believers, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

o    I give my irrevocable consent to have my testimony shared with Eli Arenas Ministries', uploaded on Eli Arenas Ministries' website and used in Eli Arenas Ministries' resources.

o    I agree to subject my testimony to editing for language and readability where the accuracy of my testimony is not compromised.


o    I give my testimony voluntarily and confirm that the information furnished is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.

Your details were sent successfully! Thank you for being a blessing by sharing your praise report!

o    I agree that I will make no claims against you or your publishers in connection with the use of my testimony in your resources.


o    You may reveal my name, country and/or city of origin as provided unless I specify that I would like to remain anonymous and only my first name will be used.

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