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Meeting Eli

I previously attended church and I remained at the church for several years where I grew quickly because I was so hungry for all that is of God. Soon though I was hearing the same messages over and over again and I was no longer growing in the Lord. Several church members had been inviting me to hear Eli teach and to be prayed over for healing in all areas; spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and financial.

Finally about a year after being invited the first time, I had no other plans and so attended a Thursday night class. The Lord moved immediately in me. Jesus healed deep hurts from my child hood that I thought I had already surrendered and dealt with but the Spirit touched the hidden scars buried deep within my spirit. I felt such lightness. My spirit and mind are now truly healed and no more pain is associated with memories of my Dad or my Grandfather. Hallelujah!!

I continue to grow and learn more and more every day. I know more of who I am in Jesus now than I have ever known or understood in my entire walk with Christ, which started at the age of 6.

I praise God for His calling on my life; I know I am chosen for such a time as this. As a teenager, there were many prophesies over me about how God would use me. I thought He would use me immediately but instead, my time is now. Praise God that delay is not denial. He does everything in His perfect timing and I am so excited to see all that He is doing and will continue to do through EAM. We are Spirit filled and Spirit led and I choose to follow my God everywhere He takes me.

C.S. San Jose, CA

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