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How can we enumerate the blessings...

How can we enumerate the blessings that have dropped from heaven, from our Loving God and Father, through this ministry of healing and hope?

We have been blessed to know Eli and this group since 2009. I will try only to list some of the healings and favors.

  • Healing of any remaining cancer after my kidney surgery

  • Healing of my thyroid

  • Healing of my knee (torn meniscus)

  • Financial blessings that came when we needed them most

  • Healing of my heart and emotions, fostering of trust and dependency on the goodness of God with a peace that passes understanding

  • God's provision of a bike for my son Joseph at a time when our finances would not permit it, within 24 hours after Joseph asked in faith, only 13 years old, in the presence of Eli and the healing group

  • Healing of Joseph's temporomandibular joint after injury through malicious assault, he has no pain now

  • Healing of Joseph's severe herniated disk pain; after two dangerous spinal treatments with steroid injection, we had no more options but a risky surgery. Now Joe is completely pain free.

  • Healing of Joseph's brain bleed in the hospital after his bike accident, when we were blessed with the visit of Eli and the members of the ministry right in the Emergency room. Eli said the doctors would be amazed and they WERE, both the doctor in charge of him in the hospital and his GP when following up. Both said they were surprised at the speed of the brain hemorrhage's resolution "It never happens that fast".

  • Healing of Joseph's damaged leg muscles after the accident which he could not use to move, stand or walk the night before, pain and weakness so extreme he had to lift the leg with both hands and move it in the bed. The next morning I saw him get up and walk with no pain. Cannot explain sufficiently how dramatic this was.

  • Provision of cosmetic dental assistance by a talented dentist who donated his help to restore three of Joseph's front teeth after the accident and then made arrangements for his associate to donate two root canal treatments when there was an issue with the teeth a year later. All of this a gift of over $6,000 of highest quality treatment.

  • Healing of our emotions and help for Joseph to become focused and very successful in his studies even after the brain had suffered in the accident

  • Healing of Joseph's asthma and prevention of either of us getting flus or respiratory distress for a couple of years now.

  • Healing of Larry, Joseph's dad, from prostate enlargement symptoms and various other ills over the years

  • Healing of my dear friend Anne's son Gabriel from dangerous dengue fever in the Philippines on two occasions. The first healing was extremely dramatic, he improved within the hour and was out of all danger. Second time she had every hope that he would be restored because she believed so strongly in the healing.

  • Healing of my friend Dulcinea's baby son Francis Joseph's hand that had suffered some brain issues in utero and atrophy of the neurons. This is an ongoing healing and we ask again for God's acceleration of the manifestation for God's glory. His mom thanks God daily for the healing even as she does the therapy exercises with him.

  • Healing of our dear friend Sue Aggetta from inflammatory breast cancer and healing for her whole family, her husband Lou, Son Darin, Daughter Denia and Daughter Daunne. Again, an ongoing healing, but great peace and improvement evident. Sue glorifies God and says that this healing has helped her more than any other treatment.

  • Healing for my friend Prudy Mendoza from various physical ailments

  • Healing for my friend Darcy's son and daughter from severe stomach/digestive ailments and healing of their emotions, bringing God's blessing on their home

  • Healing for my friend Belle and her mother

Dear Lord, we know we have forgotten many instances of Your mercies, especially because they are too many to number. We thank, praise and bless You for guiding our steps to encounter YOU in your servant Eli and all the members of the ministry.

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