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From Fiji - Receiving our Blessings

Here is a running dialogue between EAM and one of the employees at the hotel where we stayed and ministered while in Fiji during the week of June 6th - June 11th, 2019:

6/11/2019 - We have been so blessed with your ministry. We hope that the ministry will come back and bless us again. Hope to see you again and remain in touch.

6/14/2019 - Bula...hope you are doing well. Staff at the hotel have been talking and sharing about the anointing and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

7/27/2019 - BULA! We are receiving our blessings...and most of our staff are sharing their testimonies and doors opening up for their land and houses that have been on process for so long.

Passports that Pastor Eli prayed for are now opening up for overseas jobs. What a miracle God has done...we give Him glory and honor. We have a few boys in our family that they are waiting for their jobs to work in Australia and they are waiting for their interviews in a few weeks time. AMEN

7/30/2019 - Hi, bula, one more thing for my sister that came to the hotel when Pastor Eli prayed for her sickness hepatitis and her documents for traveling to be approved. She was trying for her visa for 8 months but was unsuccessful. After two weeks of being prayed over by Pastor Eli she lodged her Visa and it was approved. She just left to work overseas on Sunday. Praise God. Vinaka

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