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Healed of Chronic Shortness of Breath

My name is Linda C. I had been short of breath for close to three years. I was so short of breath that I was confined to a chair. I could not walk up and down my stairs at home. During the three years, I saw seven different doctors who could not diagnose me. In October 2018 my friend, Gil Toscano, who was healed from Lymes Disease, referred me to Eli and on October 27th Eli came over my house for the first time. Eli laid his hands on me and prayed. I was finally able to walk up and down the stairs without any shortness of breath. For the next three months I would have to see Eli about 5 more times because the shortness of breath would come back after about a week. I attended Eli’s Bible study on Thursday Jan 10th 2019 and he laid his hands on me again and prayed. My healing became permanent as I have not had any shortness of breath for two months. I am healed! This was truly a miracle. Thank you Eli and praise God.

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