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I ​shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord!

​Lalaine:​ It was a quiet restful Sunday​ (JULY 19, 2015​)​ afternoon. We came home from having breakfast with our Pastor (Eli) and his wife (Judy) and other family members from ELI ARENAS MINISTRIES. I remember that I was just putting away my personal effects and then I got dizzy. Since the day we first met Eli he has taught us how to pray and don't delay when an attack comes. My husband and son prayed for me, and I was at rest for a couple of hours. Just when my husband and I were about to watch TV together my right ear started ringing and I had to ask him to lower the volume. Then, my ​left ear started hearing constant loud clanging sounds like cymbals. The sounds were getting louder, and my ears began to hurt. It was an attack and I began to pray in the spirit. Then, I felt hands with sharp nails pulling and tormenting me from head to toe. I kept on praying, and ​the ​more I prayed casting out the spirits in the name of JESUS and by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT the​ attacks got ​even ​stronger​, the pain was excruciating​.​ It was then, I heard this small still voice say to me, "Come with me". I didn't know what it meant at first​, all I knew then is that I was in so much pain​. ​But yet, I heard it again, this time the voice saying, "Come with me now". Then I knew it was the HOLY SPIRIT. I remember saying, "Yes LORD" left my bedroom and walked into another. I ​was so exhausted, ​fell on my knees and kept on praying. Then there was perfect peace. I felt something was lifting off my body, first from my feet​ towards my legs​ then from my hands ​to my shoulders ​and I felt so light, light as a feather.

I opened my eyes and everywhere I looked I was surrounded by thick white clouds, it was so peaceful, the most peaceful place I've ever been. The clouds around me began to glow and I felt a warm presence, followed by a gentle and comforting embrace. I heard a heart beating and I just wanted to close my eyes. Then I heard a familiar voice, it was Eli's voice. I looked down and saw him standing in front of a body laying on the floor. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again there I was standing in front of Eli.

Don: ​​One Sunday afternoon after we had gotten home, Lalaine, my wife, complained about her ears hurting and everything being too noisy. She screamed at the top of her lungs and I knew that it was an attack from the enemy.​ ​The H​OLY SPIRIT told me to call Eli right away. When I talked to him, he said​ he would come over immediately. As we were waiting for him, Lalaine got up and went in the other room knelt down and was praying in the spirit. I left the room to check on something, and when I came back​, Lalaine was face down on the floor. I thought that she was at pea​ce and relaxed, that the pain had left. But she never moved nor said a word.

Then Eli and Judy came to the house and I took them upstairs where Lalaine was.​ The HOLY SPIRIT revealed to Eli that Lalaine's spirit had already left her body. Eli prayed ​and commanded​ that ​in the name of JESUS and by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT for ​death ​to leave and life ​to come, ​and the​n​ Lalaine woke up.​

She explained how she felt that she was leaving her body​. When ​Eli prayed she ​​came back, back from the dead.

Thank you L​ORD for bringing her back ​and for using Eli in such a mighty way.

​​FATHER GOD, ​YOUR word said, "We ​shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the L​ORD."​ (Psalms 118:17)​

J​ESUS said, "I came that you may have life and that more abundantly."​ (John 10:10)​

We believe it! We receive it! We take it! We speak it! And we walk it out!​

Thank you FATHER GOD​, we bless ​YOUR Holy ​Name and give ​YOU all of the honor, all of the glory, and all of the praise.

In JESUS name. Amen.

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