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Healed From Asthma, Migraines, and High Blood Pressure

​Physical Healing​

The symptoms of asthma and chronic migraines were with me since childhood. Then the issue of high blood pressure came along in my early 40s. Through the years I had to take medication along with its side effects. I remember getting angry one day and shouted out to GOD, "I don't want to take these medications anymore! JESUS, I need YOU to come and heal me." It was hard for our eight year old son to witness that both his parents were not healthy and notice that we couldn't enjoy and have fun with him the way a family should. My husband was on disability at that time as well. I still remember ​our ​youngest son sharing with me that he kept praying to God saying, "Lord, I just want my parents back." A prayer out of the mouth of a child so pure, sincere, and unconditional. In November 2010, my friend Myra called me up and ask if my husband and I are willing to receive prayer from someone who is anointed with God's healing power. We couldn't explain it at that time but we knew that phone call gave us lively hope. It was in the afternoon of November 2, 2010. That day was the day when Eli and Judy Arenas came ​to our home. Eli prayed for us in the name of JESUS and by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. That was the day I was healed, delivered and set free from chronic migraines and high blood pressure. I will never forget that glorious day! God answered our son's prayer. He heard mine too! The greatest physician of them all came to me to heal, deliver, and set me free. Two weeks later, I was healed, delivered and set free from asthma. To GOD be all of the honor, all of the glory, and all of the praise!

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