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My Testimony

I grew up in a Christian household, with both of my parents being in the church choir. I accepted Jesus into my heart at the age of four on Easter Sunday. I took part in the religious aspect of going to church every Sunday: singing the worship songs, listening to the preacher preach about whatever topic he had prepared to preach about that week (which would be forgotten the moment I walked out of the door), and then I would go through the week only to rinse and repeat it all over again. I was lost in the motions of what everyone was telling me it was to be a Christian. I remember standing in church in high school, seeing girls crying while worshiping Jesus, and I had no idea why they were crying. Wasn’t Jesus supposed to represent life, joy, peace, and love? Church seemed like a big hoax. I believed in Father God and Jesus, and in fact I had a pretty good relationship with Him, but I did not like church. Those attending seemed to be acting out the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. It was after high school I started to drift away from the church scene.

It was towards the end of high school that my problems seemed to start. While I was on a snowboarding trip with my family, and my high school sweetheart, I awoke one morning to an intense pain in my lower back which felt like I was being stabbed. It hurt! I remember feeling like I had to use the restroom, but when I tried nothing would happen. The pain was constant and did not let up. My mother and high school sweetheart proceeded to take me to the hospital, while I rolled around in pain in the back seat. I could not find a comfortable position. I remember when we got to the hospital, I was sitting in a chair in the waiting room, and the pain was intensifying, more and more as time went by. Finally I went in to see the doctor, and they put an IV in me, along with some morphine. The pain finally subsided. I went on to find that a huge kidney stone had developed in my right kidney, and my left kidney had the start of one developing, too. I had to pass the stones naturally, and that was not a fun experience. After the passing of those stones, about one month later I found myself with the same pain! I went to a urologist, and he said it was indeed another stone. After much testing, the doctor could still not figure out the cause of the stones developing. I was getting a stone about every month, and I had to pass them naturally every time. This continued on several years, into college.

I fell into the college “freedom trap;” I did not know how to handle that much freedom: nobody to tell me what to do, and I could essentially do whatever I want? It was a dream come true. It didn’t help that my high school sweetheart had broken up with me for another guy, and so I took it kind of rough. I plunged into the college party scene. I remained lost in this scene for a while. It was during this time I was attacked by the enemy himself:

It began as a dream, but at some point I was “pulled out” of the dream, into a realm that was way too realistic to be a dream. I was floating in the air and below me ran an army of medieval knights, riding to war. As I watched the army ride, I looked up and saw a large tower, and suddenly I was inside the tower. As I looked around I saw many, many people laying down on what looked like hospital beds, as faceless figures would torture them in various ways, psychologically and physically. The people could not see the figures, and would scream out in pain, asking for help, but nobody could help them. I looked into the corner and I saw a person hanging, shackled to a wall, staring at themselves lifelessly in a mirror. On the other side of the wall where they were hanging, lay an individual being tortured by two faceless figures. At one point, the person being tortured sat up and cried out in pain, and suddenly looked into the eyes of the one hanging. When they saw each other, it was me, looking at myself… All of the sudden I was out of the tower, and I found myself in a misty/foggy area. I could not see in front of me as I walked forward. And then I saw him. There he stood, tall, with long silver hair: he was just as beautiful as the bible had described him to be, before he fell… he looked into my eyes and said to me “I hate you…” As he said that my body began to go into shock; I started having what felt like to be a seizure. He repeated to say “I HATE YOU!!!” It intensified even further, and my body became paralyzed. I could not move, speak, or even breathe! I mustered all of my human strength and was able to say “Jesus, save me!” Immediately I was freed from the enemy’s grasp, and I was in the third heaven. I went from feeling death to feeling life in an instant. I was with Jesus in heaven. As I looked around I forgot about everything that was going on: I was in perfect peace, joy, and love. And then Jesus said to me “You are not finished, I need you to go back now.” I then proceeded to watch myself go back into my body. As I regained consciousness in my body, I also regained feeling, and my heart started to pump again. I had truly left my body and come back into it. After I was able to move again, I looked up and saw red glowing eyes in the back of my room. I got up and ran as fast as I could out of my room and into my parent’s room where I told them what happened. But they did not really understand.

Some time went by and I continued to have kidney stones about once a month, and I had learned to just bear with them as no cure for them seemed possible. I would take pain killer medication to try to cope. It was during this time that I hear about Eli Arenas from my cousin and her husband. They had told me about a man who had laid hands on the sick and they were healed, and other amazing stories about the things that God had done through him. I was skeptical at first, and so I listened to them, but just brushed it off. It was about a month later after hearing about Eli that I had another dream…

It started in the same manner: first it was a normal dream, and then I seemed to get pulled out of it into another realm/dimension. This time I was in a big city which looked like New York, but the city had been ruined due to war. As I walked through the streets, I found a conflict that broke out. It was good versus evil; light versus dark. The two armies were dressed like, and were fighting with technology from what appeared to be the American Civil War era, with muskets and cannons being shot at each other. During this combat, I looked to the left, and then to the right, and suddenly the armies were fighting with modern day technology. Again, I looked left and right, and the armies were then fighting with futuristic technology, like that of Star Wars or Star Trek (lasers and whatnot). I was on the side of good, but I did not have any weapon. I stood in the front as if I were leading the attack, but I did not use any attacks myself. Instead, I seemed to be defending the troops with me: the evil side would attack, but the bullets/lasers/etc. would be deflected and have no effect on either me or my side. After fighting for a while, I retreated into the city, and as I walked I saw a building with an open door, and a light was coming out from it. I proceeded to talk into the room, and as I walked in, the door shut behind me and locked. I could not escape from the room. I looked in front of me and saw a little girl lying on a bed. She looked at me, and her head began to twist around, and she laughed in both a high and low pitched voice, like that of a horror film. She started floating around the room laughing, and I felt powerless to move. Suddenly I woke up, but something was amiss… I was laying sideways on my bed, and my legs were floating in the air. I began to talk to myself and say “What is go…” and then what felt like a giant hand grabbed me and shoved me into the mattress. Every time I tried to say something, it would shove me further. But then I realized something: it couldn’t hurt me, it was just trying to scare me. I then broke free of the hold by saying “In the name of Jesus, leave!” It immediately fled, and I proceeded to “wake up” again, but this time my bed was re-arranged in my room. As I lay down, two faceless figures (from the previous dream/experience) came in and picked me up, and the world began to spin. I then saw myself go back into my body again, and after I regained feeling and consciousness, I saw the red eyes again, but this time I cast them out in the name of Jesus. They fled. I was quite stirred

– why was this happening to me?

I decided after these incidents to put aside my skepticism and to go meet Eli. I thought that perhaps he could help me get rid of the kidney stones and these attacks that had been coming against me, and what did I have to lose? I called my cousin and asked if I could meet Eli, and so she told me to come to her house on the next Thursday night, and so I did.

When I saw Eli walk in the front door of my cousin’s apartment, I was astonished to find that Eli looks like a normal man, however there was something more peaceful/joyful about him. We talked a little bit, but then he received a phone call. A little girl was in the hospital and needed healing. He invited me to come along and witness it, so I did. We got to the hospital and to my surprise the doctors said to Eli as we arrived “You’re too late, there is nothing else you can do.” The girl had passed away a few hours ago and was declared dead. But Eli responded “I’m never too late.” He simply put his hands on the girl, and up she came! I couldn’t believe my eyes, and neither could the doctors. After this miracle, Eli proceeded to heal all of the family members who were in the waiting area in the hospital. It was then that I felt the immense power of the Holy Spirit flowing throughout the room; a very peaceful, yet powerful presence. As we went to the parking lot, I said to Eli, “Eli, please heal me of my afflictions!” I told him about the kidney stones and dreams I had been having, and he proceeded to lay hands on me. Immediately the pain was gone, and my kidney felt brand new! I fell back (slain in the Spirit), and the power of the Holy Spirit surged through me. I felt renewed and free! I started to cry because of how amazing God is and how He had just set me free from those things that had been plaguing me. Eli said to me that I would not have those attacks during my dreams anymore, and he was correct. They never happened again, nor did I ever get a kidney stone again.

A few months went by and I didn’t see Eli. I debated whether or not the healing actually happened (now I know it was the enemy trying to come against me). But after about three months, I decided to start attending Thursday nights with Eli regularly. Immediately upon attending, I began to receive healing in many areas (emotional, physical, psychological), and Eli would impart to me the gifts of Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. After about a month of being in the ministry, I had a dream…

This time when I was “pulled out of my dream,” I was walking amongst a large group of civilians. I was dressed in a robe, equipped with a staff, and I had on a crown. I seemed to be leading and escorting these people somewhere. All of the sudden, out from the surrounding forest jumped out the faceless figures, equipped with rifles and other guns, and began to try to attack the group of people. I stood in front and said, “In the name of Jesus, I command all of you to fall!” And the whole army of faceless figures fell before me, and the civilians were unharmed, protected by what seemed to be a shield. I then proceeded to hunt down all of the faceless figures who try to escape, and one by one as I touched them, they would fall down and be bound. And then I saw him, the head demon. I went up to him, as big as he was, took him by the throat, and held up against a wall. I said to him, “You shall never again come upon me or be able to harm me,” and at that I threw him and he went flying! He then transformed before my eyes from a big, brutish thing into a small, weak, impish like creature, and he scoffed as he scampered away scared. Then I saw myself go back into my body, and I regained feeling and consciousness in my body. I looked to the back of my room, and saw the red eyes disappear. God had given me the victory in every area.

After being healed in every area, I have been nonstop attending Eli Arenas Ministries, and have been being blessed every single week. We have gone on trips to the Philippines and all over the United States. This is only the beginning. God is leading us from revelation to revelation, faith to faith, and glory to glory. To Jesus be all of the praise, glory, honor, and power, forever and ever! Amen.

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