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How I Came to the Lord

Testimony of Kevin Seago: September 30, 2014

I came to Christ about 10 years ago. I had been talking with a friend about a man named Eli who

could perform miracles through the power of God. At the time I was an agnostic. It wasn’t that I did not believe in God. I just did not believe that proof of him existed, nor could it. As my friend kept bringing up the miracles he had observed, I decided to go meet this man that supposedly could command the power of God.

When I met him, it was a surreal experience. He seemed to be able to read me like an open book. Most of the time spent on his couch was committed to teaching me the word of God and how it applied to real life. I was generally a skeptic at the time, but as I began to hear the truth of God through the scriptures, it came to life in me in a way that I cannot accurately describe on paper. I knew the life that was spoken to me was truth.

After maybe an hour, Eli proposed that he could prove to me that the power of God was real, and I could experience it right then and there. He asked what ailments I was suffering from. I answered that I had a bad back and knee problems. I had developed debilitating muscle spasms in my lower back from an early age. They hit randomly and with extreme pain. So much so, I often had to fall to the ground, lay motionless, and just bear through the pain until the spasms passed. Even after they passed, I would be in agony for the next several days to weeks. Often times, one back spasm would set up several to occur within days of each other. The knee problem was not nearly as bad. I had trouble sitting cross-legged and could not operate with a full range of motion without pain. After explaining these problems, we both stood up, he laid hands on me and began to pray. I could feel soothing warmth go throughout my body. It was a feeling that I could not control and overcame me like a wave. As he continued to pray I began to lose track of the room, the people within it, even the very world around me. Suddenly the power of God overtook me and I became slain in the spirit. I fell with great force and my head whip-lashed violently upon the wooden floor. However, despite the severity of my fall, I felt absolutely no pain. God had protected me. I was completely at peace and more comfortable than I had ever been. I knew that God had touched me supernaturally, and my life was forever changed.

As I stated before, this occurred about 10 years ago. I have not had a single back spasm since, and my knees have been strengthened so that I no longer feel any pain whatsoever. The miracle was apparent to me then, and it has never left me. I came to Christ that day and accepted him into my life as Lord and Savior. It was the most important decision in my life and has allowed me to grow in ways that I couldn’t fathom before. Truly God exists. Truly He is Love. Truly I love Him as He has loved me.

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